Helping businesses improve performance
and achieve results

Need to update or upskill existing staff?
Struggling with an underperforming team?
Taking on new recruits?

Combine technical expertise with training skills, and see what a transformation you can work.

Onboarding new starters

Get the best out of your new staff, interns or apprentices and give them the best start with you. We’ll help you create a learning plan so you and they will know where they’re headed. You’ll be keeping them busy from the outset and they’ll be learning by doing.

Training to train

Knowing a task and performing it really well is not the same as training someone else. Training involves a whole other set of skills. Discover how to get results, achieve what you set out to achieve and get it right first time.

Workplace coaching

Formal training or instruction is the beginning of a process, not the end. We’ll equip you with the coaching skills to help you provide follow-up from training to make sure learning sticks. Use the same approach to follow up from reviews and support new starters.

Why Susannah?

  • A personalised service and relationship
  • A single point of contact from start to finish
  • One-to-one support
  • Quick and simple decisions
  • Flexibility

Susannah managed her team very well, treating us with respect, and inspiring us to improve ourselves. Her warm and approachable manner made it easy for her team to work well together and perform our duties with confidence. She was excellent at communicating with me and other members of her team, and she went that extra mile to provide us with the coaching and training identified.

Sharma Abora – Barnfield College