Susannah Mitchell MA Chartered MCIPD

Photo of Susannah Mitchell

Hello. I’m Susannah. Welcome to my website.

I’m passionate about helping people bring out the best in themselves and achieve, be it learning a new skill, gaining a qualification or meeting a seemingly impossible work target. In my 30+ years as a learning and development professional, this has always been the most rewarding part of my job.

When I first started delivering training to supervisors it struck me how similar leading a team was to delivering training to a group. As a manager, it was my skills as a trainer that I drew upon, more so than the leadership theory I had learnt and taught.

My teams were not made up of newbies who needed instructing from scratch. On the contrary, most were highly experienced who often knew far more about what they were doing than I did. But my training background did affect the way I set about conducting meetings, reviews and delegating tasks. It influenced the way I saw new development opportunities - not least in enabling team members to learn from one another. We achieved some amazing results together.

I have delivered training to team leaders and supervisors; teachers, trainers, administrative assistants, legal secretaries, engineers and airport security staff in sectors including manufacturing, automotive, retail, aviation, health, local authority and education.

In doing so I have helped managers support their teams more effectively, make better use of their time, deliver instruction and manage team development more productively.